Pedestrian Pushbuttons

All colors available.
Standard material: aluminum
Adjustable to Flatback and Round 2-1/2" thru 12-1/2"
TSH 8301 ADA Cap
ADA Approved Pedestrian Pushbutton Cap Assembly. Mechanical momentary switch. Compare with Pelco part number SE-2132-7, Campbell Company number 200, and Polara Bulldog Push Button
ADA 3 Inch with 8130
ADA approved mechanical cap for use on 5x7 and 9x12 pedestrian pushbutton frames. Wire entrance optional on bottom.
TSH 8016 No cap 5x7"
5x7 Pushbutton frame with adjustable bars for different sized poles. Compare with Pelco Part number SE-2147-7
TSH 8017 With cap 5x7"
5"x7" Adj. PB Assembly Available in both solid back and window back (shown)
TSH 8116 9x12"
9"x12" PB Assembly. Available in solid back and window back. Adjustable bars adapt to whatever size pole you require. Compare to Pelco Part number SE-2132-12
TSH 8117 Small Cap 9x12
9x12" Assembly Small Cap. Compare to Pelco Part number SE-2132-12
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TSH 8013 5x7" No window
Solid back 5x7 pedestrian pushbutton. Back of frame adapts to 4-1/2" pole with through bolts.
TSH 8014 5x7" W/ window
Window back 5x7 pedestrian pushbutton frame. Compare to Pelco Part number
TSH 8015 Adapter Bars
These bars adapt 5x7 pb frames to different size poles.
TSH 8102S Side Mount
TSH 8102T Top Mount
Post top mounted pedestrian pushbutton for an A Post, 4 1/2" diameter pole.
5x7" Signs
Pedestrian Crossing sign for 5x7 pushbutton frame. CalTrans spec R10-2a or compare with Pelco SF-1085
9x12" Signs
Pedestrian Crossing sign of many varieties for 9x12 signs. Compare with Pelco Part Number SF-1014
TSH 8110 9x12"
TSH 8112 Cover
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TSH 8113 Adapter Bar
Aluminum Bars to adapt 9x12 pushbutton frame to different sized poles. Compare to Pelco Part number
TSH 8114 9x12" Small cap
9x12 Pushbutton Frame. Compare with Pelco part number SE-2132-15
TSH 8115 Adapter Bar
TSH 8128 Curved
Pole mount with curved back ADA Cap adaptor. compare with Pelco Part number SE-2120.
TSH 8129 w/ Holes
ADA cap adaptor with flat back. Compare with Pelco Part number SE-2154
TSH 8130 Flat Back
TSH 8131 Conduit entr.
Pedestrian Pushbutton with conduit entrance on bottom.
TSH 8204 Microswitch
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