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family owned small business

About Us

Since the 1960's

Traffic Signal Hardware, Inc. stems from humble beginnings in Southern California where founder Ed Trent started servicing the traffic signal industry in the early 1960's. DeLoy Tolman purchased the company in 1982, keeping it in the family ever since.


Apparently entrepreneurship runs in the family, because the third generation is now carrying on the tradition of quality and workmanship while expanding the company’s vision towards the future.

Ron Tolman- President

With over 40 dedicated years at Traffic Signal Hardware, he is the old expert of the crew . Ron proves to be a skilled businessman and originator by successfully managing both his company and properties. Being a religious man, Ron believes in integrity and respect in all facets of life. He has enjoyed over 40 years of marriage so far and has raised 5 wonderful children. 

Kevin Tolman  Co-President

He graduated from BYU-Idaho with a degree in emergency services management and spent time serving as a firefighter and paramedic in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Now as part owner of TSH, Kevin brings a renewed enthusiasm and ingenuity to the company. He cares for his wife and two young daughters which he considers "the motivation for me to exert myself at work."

Cody Laursen- Senior Engineer 

He studied business at BYU-Idaho with a minor in mechanical engineering, and married his high school sweetheart. Cody is constantly formulating and executing new strategies to make the products better, the process faster, and our business smoother. "His determination and reliability is an example to us all," says Ron.

cody laursen
owner kevin tolman 3rd generation
Ron Tolman
kevin ron tolman cody laursen
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