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5x7" and 9x12" Pedestrian Pushbutton Signs

R62D or R62DD5 5x7" pedestrian crossing sign

Recently, a well established manufacturer of 5x7" porcelain pedestrian pushbutton signs went belly up, leaving California, Nevada, and Arizona traffic engineers without a supply of ped signs for crosswalks. Luckily, we are still well and supplying ceramic and porcelain enamel pedestrian signs to the West Coast! 

We have many pedestrian crosswalk signs in stock, including 5x7" R62D (pictured left) and 9x12" R10-3E (pictured below). We also carry R10-3 in both left and right arrangements.

We will also make any custom signs that you can dream up!

Current Price: $13.47

R10-3E 9x12" pedestrian crosswalk sign
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